November 07, 2012


" No matter how angry or disappointed you are, but when your dining bell is ringing. Do not ignore your foods." - September, 2009

Well-designed cafe with good cakes, foods and drinks - nothing crosses my mind except this +Wondermilk Cafe ( Damansara Uptown ).

# 41, Jalan SS 21/1A, Damansara Utama 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Malaysia.
# Open Daily - 9.00am till 10.00pm 
# Closed during Public Holidays

There are adding another two (2) outlets now, include : 

# +Wondermilk Cafe, Citta Mall
# +Wondermilk Cafe, Publika Shopping Gallery

But, I have not visit the other outlets yet except for Damansara Uptown's. This cafe is the great choice to have a good time. Catch up with bunch of friends, cuppies-moment with family or even after-work dining hour! 

Trust me, when you are stepping inside the cafe you will definitely feel like having your dine-in. Immediately! You can see various kind of seats, cupcakes display to sell, creative wall designed and many more. 

Let's see my photo collections! 

FOXY RED VELVET - Birthday Cake for my mama & mummy . They have a similar date of birth!

Nice box to carry home.

What I've ordered. Lunch with Mama & youngest brother.



The decent look of BAKED POTATO before I eat them! 

The Cuppacakes!!!

Lovely box design

View from my seat.

  • Obviously it is so DELICIOUS and FLAVOURFUL! 
  • This moist Red Velvet Cake is topped with super thick awesome cream cheese frosting.
  • Absolutely the BEST Red Velvet Cake, I have ever taste in a lifetime! Seriously you won't never regret that. 
  • It does have same taste with their, Red Velvet Cupcakes as well. 
  • Price : RM 70
  • I have tried only certain of them. Includes;
  • Foxy Red Velvet, Very Very Very Chocoloate, Tiramisu I Miss You, Cookies & Cream Dream, Oh My Choc! and Caramel Kiss.
  • None of the cupcakes or even their frosting failed my taste. Every bite of each different cupcakes bring you to the maximum delicious-ness! 
  • Price : RM 4.50/each
  • Fresh potato from kitchen to nice-warmth baked oven. A compliments with minced beef and salads with the drizzles of cheezy cheese sauce.
  • Great combination! It can be my breakfast, or even lunch and dinner! 
  • Price : RM8.90
  • Here comes the most favourite milk drink ever! Well, I prefer it to be warm milk, but I've tried cool one. Yet the taste is still attracting myself! 
  • The fresh milk served is not only one flavour, but many more. You can choose to have it HOT or COLD :)
  • Other flavours are - Vanilla, Toffee, Banana, Caramel, Irish Cream and Macadamia.
  •  I am really happy when I get one cup of this! Next favourite flavour to warm milk is Caramel.
  • Price : RM 7.00

Okay, here is the website of +Wondermilk Cafe. You can view the menus, about the shop and details of it! 

SUGGESTION(S) : You have to dine-in here at least ONCE in a lifetime to cherish a day in your life ! 
Oh, by the way.. Next door of this Wondermilk Cafe Damansara Uptown, there are a space for any event(s) to go. Every weekend, there will be held a bazaar to shop too! 
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Here is the map! :)