November 10, 2012



Well, as one of the BIGGEST fan of Japanese Food. This time I will share about TAKOYAKI.


It is a ball-shaped snack made of wheat-flour based batter, and it cooked in special pan "Takoyaki Maker". Typically, it will filled by diced little cute baby octopus -- which I almost like! :) It can also be filled with any combination as you wished to. Cheese, chicken, prawn and many other substitutions. The best part, we can also added some vegetable to get its random crunchy-ness inside! 

What is on top of Takoyaki?  Everytime I bought this anywhere, I surely asked for extra extra extra sauce on top of it. It is rich of flavours! The Takoyaki Sauce plus its Japan's Mayonnaise just give me an extremely satisfaction mode - ON! 

I have been tried many places which served Takoyaki. I went to Sushi King, The Mines Takoyaki Kiosk, even Pasar Malam n Bazaar Ramadhan as well. But TAMAYAKI at PUBLIKA give me the BEST experience ever in enjoying the Takoyaki. 

Here is the choices! 

For sure, I ordered my Baby Octopus Takoyaki Perfection to be filled in my tummy! Oh yea, well.. I bumped into this kiosk is unplanned. I just walked around the Publika, searching of what food to eat during lunch. This adorable colourful kiosk with few chairs to be seated is just catching my eyes! Wallaa -- now it turned to be one of my Best-Listed Foodplaces. :)

See the shop itself! Very attractive.

Droooooooolllliiinngggg T_________T 

Lovely box of 4 balls of Takoyaki inside.

So, if you are nearby to Publika or one of the Japanese-Food Lovers, better take my advice to go here make yourself feel awesome with this GREATEST TAKOYAKI OF ALL! :)

# LOCATION : UG-51, Lvl UG, Publika Shopping Gallery, Solaris Dutamas 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, Kuala Lumpur.

Treats your life good with lovely foods!