November 12, 2012


Who doesn't love CHOCOLATE ?!!

Have you been to Dip 'n Dip Restaurant/Cafe? I just got the idea to write about this entry because of this one pretty friend of mine -Enuni. She has been asking me about the cafe and all. So here it is. :)

"Dip 'n Dip" is originally from Damascus, Syria. Luckily, this cafe had reached their international market boundary yet arrived here in Malaysia.

It is located at Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

Smells of the chocolate while you are stepping into the shop is for sure. It's like knocking your taste-buds immediately.

Oh yea, try to make yourself free to come over during weekdays! Full-house by weekend - that's for sure.

My another suggestion is, kindly read the menu given! It is creative and sweeeet to read that beauty words on it.

MUST read this!
 I only ordered two (2) sweet savoury and a drink! That's enough for two of us during that time.

It filled with folded crepe, a thin layer of Chocolate Brownies with 3 kinds of chocolate topping (milk, dark and white chocolate)
This is superbly-awesome! You can share it because the portion is quite big - for me. :)
It is also reminds me to come over again next time!

Chocolate rich fondant baked-fresh, prepared by Dip 'n Dip famous Belgian Chocolates.
Served with their home-made Vanilla Ice-Cream and topped with an amazing Chocolate Sauce.

 This is what happened after I discover the beautiful of it taste. Can you imagine the greatest combination of warmth chocolate fondant with the cold ice-cream, extremely melted in your mouth when you can feel the absorption of its chocolate. Oh.. this is really turned me on! 

It's enough to make yourself happy during the visits.

Ice- lemon tea and a mineral water is good-chilled for me n  him. 

Trust me, there is many many more foods offered in the menu and variety of Hot Drinks and Cold Drinks.
The menu is wide. From waffles to fondants, muffins to mousse, profiteroles and eclairs to ice cream, as well as 'dip-sticks' of fruits and marshmallows for fondue fans.