January 20, 2013

2012 Food-cores Summary!

Hello 2013! 

Guess it's not too late for me to wish a HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! May all the glorious and joyful moments rejoice our lives. Amen. It's been quite a time, I did not update my blog. Don't want to write much but here is my food-photos collection from late 2012 until present. 

The foods are AWESOME as always! 

# 1 MEAT LOVERS! @ Carnaval Churrascaria
(Brazilian Restaurant, Steak House,Barbeque Restaurant, Buffet Dinner)

Various of vegetables and you can pick any  that you prefer! 

So-salads! Fresh and crunchy ;)

Who does not LOVE  meats!  They offer many of them repeatedly till you are full!

- Lamb Shoulder
- Lamb Ribs
- Chicken Wings
- Garlic Bread
- Sweet Roasted PineApple
- Super-awesome taste of Beef!
- Chicken-meat Loaf
and many mores...!! 

Special order from me - a lovely dessert
Syrup Banana with Vanilla Ice-cream

You just sit. They will come and offer you, foods!

First batch ;)

# 2 Sweetness, Desserts and LOVE!

Levain Boulangerie Patisserie

Alexis @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

 The only place that serves THE BEST TIRAMISU ever!!

pH pastryhouse @ Lakeview, Sg. Besi (Old location - KL) 

I usually come here for breakfast. The variety of foods they offered on nice menu-board attracted my eyes. Pastry-foods is on TOP! 
Tasty and healthy breakfast.
Bun/Bread is fluffy and so soft.
The design of cafe-house is so cool!
You'll feel like having a breakfast in western country :P


November 14, 2012

Asam Pedas @ Jijan, Negeri Sembilan

It's been few days, the hunger of "Asam Pedas" happened to myself. It is more nicer when you cooked it yourself at home. But, hunting-for-the best-food feeling makes me drove myself all the way from home to Jijan, Negeri Sembilan for this SUPER HOT! KAWW! Authentic Asam Pedas!

Yumms. I feel so good about it. I called "Sempoi Restaurant" as their foods is quite cheap, just serving a few main signature dishes only. It is located at the road side, nearby this restaurant is Mydin Mart, Kota Seriemas - so put it as your landmark. It's easy to reach here either from Nilai, Salak Tinggi, Sepang, KLIA/LCCT. But the real name of this food place is, "Delicious Cake & Cafe".

Their signature dishes are ... 

Mee Sup = RM 5.00
Asam Pedas ( Pari, Tenggiri & Kembung ) = RM 8
Set Nasi + Asam Pedas is only at RM 8.50 !!

# FYI their portion of Nasi is big!

Bubur Ayam = RM 4.00
Mee Kari = RM 5.00
Sup Kambing = RM 7.00
(It is on BIG portion too!)

Ok, here you can see the price yourself! 

Here is what I have ordered ...

1 Set of Asam Pedas Tenggiri (The fish is quite big size)
1 Set of Masak Lemak Cili Api Ayam

# It taste is superbly so right for Asam Pedas. Spicy-ness and thick (not-soupy) makes me hunger for that! But, if they can make it a little bit more sour - results should be PERFECT!

# Masak Lemak Cili Api Ayam is great! Even this dish is not one of my favourite lists but the taste is very good. 

Bubur Ayam served with "Cili Kicap", "Sambal Bilis" and a bowl of Cream of Mushroom!

If you are somewhere nearby here, you should come and eat with very reasonable price and good service! 

Smiling tummy :)

November 12, 2012


Who doesn't love CHOCOLATE ?!!

Have you been to Dip 'n Dip Restaurant/Cafe? I just got the idea to write about this entry because of this one pretty friend of mine -Enuni. She has been asking me about the cafe and all. So here it is. :)

"Dip 'n Dip" is originally from Damascus, Syria. Luckily, this cafe had reached their international market boundary yet arrived here in Malaysia.

It is located at Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

Smells of the chocolate while you are stepping into the shop is for sure. It's like knocking your taste-buds immediately.

Oh yea, try to make yourself free to come over during weekdays! Full-house by weekend - that's for sure.

My another suggestion is, kindly read the menu given! It is creative and sweeeet to read that beauty words on it.

MUST read this!
 I only ordered two (2) sweet savoury and a drink! That's enough for two of us during that time.

It filled with folded crepe, a thin layer of Chocolate Brownies with 3 kinds of chocolate topping (milk, dark and white chocolate)
This is superbly-awesome! You can share it because the portion is quite big - for me. :)
It is also reminds me to come over again next time!

Chocolate rich fondant baked-fresh, prepared by Dip 'n Dip famous Belgian Chocolates.
Served with their home-made Vanilla Ice-Cream and topped with an amazing Chocolate Sauce.

 This is what happened after I discover the beautiful of it taste. Can you imagine the greatest combination of warmth chocolate fondant with the cold ice-cream, extremely melted in your mouth when you can feel the absorption of its chocolate. Oh.. this is really turned me on! 

It's enough to make yourself happy during the visits.

Ice- lemon tea and a mineral water is good-chilled for me n  him. 

Trust me, there is many many more foods offered in the menu and variety of Hot Drinks and Cold Drinks.
The menu is wide. From waffles to fondants, muffins to mousse, profiteroles and eclairs to ice cream, as well as 'dip-sticks' of fruits and marshmallows for fondue fans.


November 10, 2012



Well, as one of the BIGGEST fan of Japanese Food. This time I will share about TAKOYAKI.


It is a ball-shaped snack made of wheat-flour based batter, and it cooked in special pan "Takoyaki Maker". Typically, it will filled by diced little cute baby octopus -- which I almost like! :) It can also be filled with any combination as you wished to. Cheese, chicken, prawn and many other substitutions. The best part, we can also added some vegetable to get its random crunchy-ness inside! 

What is on top of Takoyaki?  Everytime I bought this anywhere, I surely asked for extra extra extra sauce on top of it. It is rich of flavours! The Takoyaki Sauce plus its Japan's Mayonnaise just give me an extremely satisfaction mode - ON! 

I have been tried many places which served Takoyaki. I went to Sushi King, The Mines Takoyaki Kiosk, even Pasar Malam n Bazaar Ramadhan as well. But TAMAYAKI at PUBLIKA give me the BEST experience ever in enjoying the Takoyaki. 

Here is the choices! 

For sure, I ordered my Baby Octopus Takoyaki Perfection to be filled in my tummy! Oh yea, well.. I bumped into this kiosk is unplanned. I just walked around the Publika, searching of what food to eat during lunch. This adorable colourful kiosk with few chairs to be seated is just catching my eyes! Wallaa -- now it turned to be one of my Best-Listed Foodplaces. :)

See the shop itself! Very attractive.

Droooooooolllliiinngggg T_________T 

Lovely box of 4 balls of Takoyaki inside.

So, if you are nearby to Publika or one of the Japanese-Food Lovers, better take my advice to go here make yourself feel awesome with this GREATEST TAKOYAKI OF ALL! :)

# LOCATION : UG-51, Lvl UG, Publika Shopping Gallery, Solaris Dutamas 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, Kuala Lumpur.

Treats your life good with lovely foods!

November 07, 2012


" No matter how angry or disappointed you are, but when your dining bell is ringing. Do not ignore your foods." - September, 2009

Well-designed cafe with good cakes, foods and drinks - nothing crosses my mind except this +Wondermilk Cafe ( Damansara Uptown ).

# 41, Jalan SS 21/1A, Damansara Utama 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Malaysia.
# Open Daily - 9.00am till 10.00pm 
# Closed during Public Holidays

There are adding another two (2) outlets now, include : 

# +Wondermilk Cafe, Citta Mall
# +Wondermilk Cafe, Publika Shopping Gallery

But, I have not visit the other outlets yet except for Damansara Uptown's. This cafe is the great choice to have a good time. Catch up with bunch of friends, cuppies-moment with family or even after-work dining hour! 

Trust me, when you are stepping inside the cafe you will definitely feel like having your dine-in. Immediately! You can see various kind of seats, cupcakes display to sell, creative wall designed and many more. 

Let's see my photo collections! 

FOXY RED VELVET - Birthday Cake for my mama & mummy . They have a similar date of birth!

Nice box to carry home.

What I've ordered. Lunch with Mama & youngest brother.



The decent look of BAKED POTATO before I eat them! 

The Cuppacakes!!!

Lovely box design

View from my seat.

  • Obviously it is so DELICIOUS and FLAVOURFUL! 
  • This moist Red Velvet Cake is topped with super thick awesome cream cheese frosting.
  • Absolutely the BEST Red Velvet Cake, I have ever taste in a lifetime! Seriously you won't never regret that. 
  • It does have same taste with their, Red Velvet Cupcakes as well. 
  • Price : RM 70
  • I have tried only certain of them. Includes;
  • Foxy Red Velvet, Very Very Very Chocoloate, Tiramisu I Miss You, Cookies & Cream Dream, Oh My Choc! and Caramel Kiss.
  • None of the cupcakes or even their frosting failed my taste. Every bite of each different cupcakes bring you to the maximum delicious-ness! 
  • Price : RM 4.50/each
  • Fresh potato from kitchen to nice-warmth baked oven. A compliments with minced beef and salads with the drizzles of cheezy cheese sauce.
  • Great combination! It can be my breakfast, or even lunch and dinner! 
  • Price : RM8.90
  • Here comes the most favourite milk drink ever! Well, I prefer it to be warm milk, but I've tried cool one. Yet the taste is still attracting myself! 
  • The fresh milk served is not only one flavour, but many more. You can choose to have it HOT or COLD :)
  • Other flavours are - Vanilla, Toffee, Banana, Caramel, Irish Cream and Macadamia.
  •  I am really happy when I get one cup of this! Next favourite flavour to warm milk is Caramel.
  • Price : RM 7.00

Okay, here is the website of +Wondermilk Cafe. You can view the menus, about the shop and details of it! 

SUGGESTION(S) : You have to dine-in here at least ONCE in a lifetime to cherish a day in your life ! 
Oh, by the way.. Next door of this Wondermilk Cafe Damansara Uptown, there are a space for any event(s) to go. Every weekend, there will be held a bazaar to shop too! 
Visits "HELLO DEER" on Facebook and Twitter. 

Twitter : @ilovehellodeer

Here is the map! :)